Episode List

Episode 56: The Last of Us and Kaleidoscope

Nelson and Tim are BACK!  See how far they get by watching Netflix’s Kaleidoscope in random orders and how they rate The Last of Us in the genre of video game adaptations.  Plus, the world is blaming Dwayne Johnson for the demise of DC in the new segment, CLICK BAIT! WARNING: We’re pretty sure this…

Episode 55: If Jack Ryan and Benoit Blanc Had A Podcast

Signing off for 2022, Nelson and Tim break down the latest season of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and blast Ben Shapiro when comparing Glass Onion to a modern-day Agatha Christie story.  WARNING: This episode may contain spoilers.  If it does, it’s minimal.  There’s also a baby in the room…joining in on the conversation. 

Episode 54: The Christmas Episode

Nelson and Tim spread some joy this holiday season as they talk about their epic Christmas watchlists.  Plus, the latest news with James Gunn, Henry Cavill, Avatar 2, and super-sized TRAILER PITCHES!!!  WARNING: Contains joy and happiness!

Episode 53: The FAN Episode!

Nelson and Tim take a suggestion from a listener to watch and provide their take on the film The Northman and the Amazon Original Series, The Peripheral.  As usual, chaos ensues.  WARNING: This episode contains spoilers. 

Episode 51: The Thanksgiving Episode

Nelson and Tim give thanks and talk the quintessential Thanksgiving film, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Thanks to our families, friends, and our ride or die listeners!

Episode 50: Marvel Returns to Wakanda

It’s our 50th episode!  Nelson and Tim give their take on Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman, and chat about this milestone episode.  This episode contains SPOILERS (with a warning beforehand).

Episode 49: Weird Al’s Incredible Life Story

Nelson and Tim welcome their first official guest: New York-based comedian, podcaster, filmmaker, and Weird Al fan, Christopher Robin Baker. Together they dissect Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Plus, Chris’ Watchlist and Nelson joins via satellite. Warning: Spoilers!

Episode 48: The Bottleneck Episode

Nelson and Tim discuss their watchlists, latest news, and Trailer Pitches are BACK! Nelson dotes on the inspiration of Rick and Morty, James Gunn’s first day on the job as co-CEO of DC Entertainment, Henry Cavill leaving The Witcher, and the Quantum Realm. All conversation and spoiler free!


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