Episode 31: Why The Orville Is Your New Favorite Show

Tim welcomes guest host and wife extraordinaire, Nancy Cox as they discuss their love for The Orville and recap the San Diego Comic-Con panel and share the best of Season 3 (The Orville: New Horizons)…so far!

Episode 30: So Much Content, So Little Time! 

With Tim on assignment at San Diego Comic Con, Nelson welcomes guest host (and wife), Daisy.  Together, they discuss the extensive content they are consuming on streaming platforms Hulu, Netflix, and AppleTV+, including Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), Persuasion (Netflix), and Loot (AppleTV+). Plus, the return of Nelson’s Trailer Pitches!

Episode 29: Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder

Tim has some audio difficulties, but still pulls off an episode with guest host, Greg Silvius.  Together they talk their watchlists and break down Thor: Love and Thunder.

Episode 28: The Boys Gets Bonkers (If That’s Possible) 

It’s a Prime Video episode!  Nelson and Tim give their take on The Boys ahead of the Season 3 finale.  Plus new segments: Bring it Back/Take it Back and a First Take on The Terminal List, starring Chris Pratt.  WARNING: There may be spoilers…there will be shenanigans!

Episode 27: Marvel’s and Disney’s and Star Wars, OH MY!

Its an all Disney+ episode featuring Tim and Nelson’s takes on Ms. Marvel and Obi Wan Kenobi.  Plus hot topics on the future of The Flash film and Back to the Future on Broadway?  GREAT SCOTT!   Warning: This episode contains SPOILERS

Episode 26: Top Gun: Maverick…It Has a Plot Now!

Nelson and Tim debate whether or not the original Top Gun has a plot before reviewing the latest, Top Gun: Maverick. Plus, they talk the Joker sequel, the Warner Bros Discovery shake up, and answer the question: Is Henry Cavill too old to play Superman?

Episode 25: Get Back! The music episode with special guest host, Tyler Hobbs of Space Ranger

The man, the myth, the legend behind our intro and outro music, Tyler Hobbs of Space Ranger co-hosts The Final Take’s music episode. Tyler and Tim dissect The Beatles: Get Back on Disney+. They also talk soundtracks, scores, music documentaries, and a few other surprises!

Episode 24: Our heads are spinning…Everywhere All at Once!

Nelson and Tim have a whole new batch of Trailer Pitches. The guys review the new Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers film (Disney+), and dive deep into the multiverse of Everything Everywhere All At Once. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS

Episode 23: The Lost City and Senior Year (Netflix)

Tim welcomes guest host, Jessica Hobbs as they give their take on The Lost City and Senior Year.  Jess goes through her watchlist and the two introduce a new segment called “REMIX” where they choose films they would like to see remade.