Episode 21: Tim returns with a guest to review The Outfit and The Survivor

After a brief hiatus due to adulting, The Final Take is back! Tim returns with guest host, Joseph Benesh, filling in for Nelson who’s still on paternity leave.  Tim and Joseph discuss their watch lists, trailer pitches, and review The Outfit and the HBOMax film, The Survivor.

Episode 15: Peacemaker (HBO Max) and The Tragedy of MacBeth (AppleTV+)

Our hosts return from their week off because…adulting 🤷🏻‍♂️. Tim shares his knowledge of Shakespeare while breaking down The Tragedy of MacBeth.  Nelson goes deep inside Peacemaker and creator James Gunn.  Things “digress” as they cross the line into the Snyderverse and wonder what Warner Bros. is doing.