Episode 45: She-Hulk and the Boys Take A Beer Run

Nelson and Tim discuss the final three episodes of Marvel’s She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. Then they head over to Vietnam for an epic beer run as they discuss The Greatest Beer Run Ever. Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Episode 30: So Much Content, So Little Time! 

With Tim on assignment at San Diego Comic Con, Nelson welcomes guest host (and wife), Daisy.  Together, they discuss the extensive content they are consuming on streaming platforms Hulu, Netflix, and AppleTV+, including Only Murders in the Building (Hulu), Persuasion (Netflix), and Loot (AppleTV+). Plus, the return of Nelson’s Trailer Pitches!

Episode 19: The After Party and Nightmare Alley

At Nelson and Tim’s “After Party,” they dote on Tiffany Haddish, then wander into Nightmare Alley.  Also, the return of Nelson’s Trailer Pitches and Tim comes up with a haiku for Nightmare Alley on the spot!

Episode 15: Peacemaker (HBO Max) and The Tragedy of MacBeth (AppleTV+)

Our hosts return from their week off because…adulting 🤷🏻‍♂️. Tim shares his knowledge of Shakespeare while breaking down The Tragedy of MacBeth.  Nelson goes deep inside Peacemaker and creator James Gunn.  Things “digress” as they cross the line into the Snyderverse and wonder what Warner Bros. is doing.

Movie Review: Finch (AppleTV+)

Now streaming on Apple TV+. Finch is a film directed by Miguel Sapochnik (of Game of Thrones tent poles) starring Tom Hanks and Caleb Landry Jones. After Earth is decimated by a large solar flare, a man named Finch who builds a robot to protect the life of his dog. Hunkered down in the remainsContinue reading “Movie Review: Finch (AppleTV+)”

Episode 4: Finch – You’re Probably Going to Have to Eat the Dog

Nelson and Tim give their take on the Tom Hanks opus, Finch. Plus, new trailers, paying respect to Dean Stockton and Peter Scolari, and Tim talks about his excitement to see Tick, Tick, Boom!